We sell copper and stainless steel pop rivets for roofing applications, sheet metal work, roof flashing or anywhere a weather-resistant pop rivet is needed. Our copper rivets have brass mandrels and are non-magnetic. These are not the cheap copper-plated steel rivets that many roofers use mistakingly. Our rivets are the best on the market.
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SR-F16 500 Standard Grip Copper/Brass Rivets
  • $45.00
SR-F12 1000 Standard Grip Copper/Brass Rivets
  • $89.00
SR-F13 1000 Longer-Grip Copper/Brass Rivets
  • $99.00
SR-F14 1000 Standard Grip Stainless Rivets
  • $89.00
SR-F15 1000 Longer Grip Stainless Rivets
  • $89.00