American Beauty #3178 300-Watt Iron

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American Beauty Model 3178-300.

*  Wattage: 300 Watts
*  Replacement heating element #9277
*  Maximum tip temperature (F): 1000°F
*  Maximum tip temperature (C): 538°C
*  Overall length: 14 3/8" (36.5cm)
*  Tip shank diameter: 7/8" (22.2mm)
*  Tip length: 5 5/32" (13.1cm)
*  Product weight: 37 oz.(1.05 kg)
*  Made in the USA

This is our most popular electric soldering iron. The American Beauty Model 3178 300-Watt Soldering Iron is an industrial-duty iron especially designed for sheet metal applications and provides a 1,000°F maximum tip temperature to assure an even solder flow. Featuring a pre-tinned tip that seats inside the heating element, consisting of a compression-wound resistive wire around a steel spool, this soldering iron is built for optimum heat transfer and has a rugged stainless steel case.

Equipped with a hardwood handle for a sure grip and a heat shield for safety, the American Beauty Model 3178 300-Watt Soldering Iron eliminates propane, acetylene and natural gas and stays hot without open flames. Measuring 14-3/8" long overall, it has a 5-5/32" long tip x 7/8" diameter shank, weighs just 37 oz. and comes with a standard chisel style Paragon soldering tip; diamond style is optional.

American Beauty heavy-duty irons are ideal for heavy soldering jobs and production-line environments. Created by compression winding a special Ni-Chrome heating alloy onto a steel spool, all elements demonstrate an unsurpassed heat capacity and outstanding durability. Protective casings cut from a single block of steel are strengthened with multiple heat treatments and precision brazed for optimal strength and efficiency.

The 300 watt iron is lighter and easier on the wrist than the 550 watt soldering iron, especially when doing general soldering and vertical joints. It has enough power and heat to do what you need to do. When doing a lot of flat-lock copper work, the 550 watt soldering iron would be the preferred model. The 550 watt soldering iron is heavier, but if you're setting it on a flat surface and soldering seams, for example, the weight is not much of an issue. If you have to have only one model for general soldering, get the 300 watt. If you want a beefier soldering iron or plan on using it mostly for flat seams where the weight of the iron will be resting on the surface, get the 550 watt soldering iron. Better yet, get one of each. These irons are always ideal for indoor shop work, or outdoor work when it's not too cold. They are not suited for cold weather outdoor use.

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