Aero Duplex Acetylene soldering torch provides continuous heat for long seams. Has a shield to keep wind from blowing out the flame. The single gas valve swivels to prevent kinks in supply line. This is a good device when you want high, consistent heat under any conditions.
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SR-S10 Acetylene Soldering Iron with Slip-On Hose
  • $245.00
SR-S16 3/4 Pound Copper Acetylene Soldering Tip
  • $43.50
SR-S15 1.25 Pound Copper Acetylene Soldering Tip
  • $49.00
SR-S7 Aero 12.5 Foot Acetylene Hose
  • $24.00
SR-S12 Aero MC Regulator for Acetylene Tank
  • $59.99
SR-S11 Aero Acetylene B Regulator
  • $59.99