Ladder hooks or roof hooks allow a ladder to be hooked over the ridge of a roof. The "hook ladder" or "roof ladder" enables a person to work safely on a steep roof without breaking the roof slates or tiles underneath them, or having to walk on the roof.

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SR-T5 Reimann Georger Ladder Hook
  • $40.00
SR-T1 Acro Model 11084 Ladder Hook
  • 30% less
  • $45.00
SR-T2 Acro Professional Hook Ladder
  • 30% less
  • $445.00
SR-T3 Pair of ACRO Hook Ladder Sections
  • 29% less
  • $199.00
SR-T4 Acro Hook Ladder Set (Hook End Only)
  • 30% less
  • $56.00